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Releases, releases, releases!

Alright, Superstar has been released, along with another new single "Akai Densha" [Red Train], which is a very special release in association with Keikyu/Keihin Electric Express Railway. It comes with a passnet card. Check out this link for more information. But if you don't speak Japanese, here's a quick translation to get across the comment that Quruli wrote on the page:

"'Akai Densha' is warm and speedy. This is the kind of image we thought should be transmitted to everyone. Because all of the trains being made recently are argents*, it's hard to tell what kind of train children are getting on. And adults are chasing their work around everyday in the chill.

Keikyu wants customers to have a good first impression when visiting from other provinces. They want people to think of the railway as an aorta to Tokyo (and Yokohama too), a red fast comfortable train."

* argent - silver colored trains which would be hard for children to tell apart

This month Quruli will be releasing yet another new single entitled "Baby I Love You" and November will mark the release of a new album! :D It will be their first album since the departure of American drummer Christopher McGuire.
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Hey, this is an awesome group. I'm so happy/surprised to find a くるり group on livejournal, because I really made a gamble even looking for one, since I don't know how popular they really are. I am a huge fan and own all of their albums. My friend and I are flying to Tokyo (where his family lives) and hopefully we can see them!