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Some sobering News

After being part of the band for five years, Tasshin Omura has made the decision to leave Quruli.

There is a notice about it at the official site(and if anyone would be willing to translate it, I'd be very much obliged), and they have already even changed their profile information to reflect this development as well, which comes across as all the more depressing to me(it truly drives the point home)

An absolute shame this is, and he will most certainly be missed.
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It is quite unexpected news to myself. I found out this morning as a friend notified me and came here to see if anythng was posted already.

Well I supose there really isn't much to say that won't make it sound so much like a funeral. He surely was added character to the band and I never saw as to why he would leave. So Quruli is a two man unit now...I would feel alot better if they found at least a permanent drummer now, no?