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gogatsu no umi PV

Until the tenth of December, Space Shower Digital Archives has a special section devoted to the upcoming Miyako Ongaku compilation, and will be hosting videos from the various artists that appear on it, as well as the PV for Quruli's new song gogatsu no umi. Also, there are brief clips of Shigeru and Masashi giving commentary on each individual song that appears on said compilation too, so that should also be a point of interest.

To anyone that has actually seen the PV or plans on buying the compilation to hear the new song, care to offer up any impressions about it? As for my own(since I couldn't resist previewing it), I like what I am hearing a great deal. It pretty much follows the sound Quruli favored on some songs off Antenna and the bulk of Nikki, which is a decidedly more folksy. And the PV shot for it is quite amusing, as most Quruli PVs are.. I liked the roles each band member was given, with Masashi and Tasshin as marathon runners(I thought this was pretty clever, with both doing a great job of keeping the beat of the song with their running), and Kishida channeling a smoke stack/band conductor :D And the random additional runner that tries to join in at one point was great..
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