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gogatsu no umi PV

Until the tenth of December, Space Shower Digital Archives has a special section devoted to the upcoming Miyako Ongaku compilation, and will be hosting videos from the various artists that appear on it, as well as the PV for Quruli's new song gogatsu no umi. Also, there are brief clips of Shigeru and Masashi giving commentary on each individual song that appears on said compilation too, so that should also be a point of interest.

To anyone that has actually seen the PV or plans on buying the compilation to hear the new song, care to offer up any impressions about it? As for my own(since I couldn't resist previewing it), I like what I am hearing a great deal. It pretty much follows the sound Quruli favored on some songs off Antenna and the bulk of Nikki, which is a decidedly more folksy. And the PV shot for it is quite amusing, as most Quruli PVs are.. I liked the roles each band member was given, with Masashi and Tasshin as marathon runners(I thought this was pretty clever, with both doing a great job of keeping the beat of the song with their running), and Kishida channeling a smoke stack/band conductor :D And the random additional runner that tries to join in at one point was great..
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I was debating whether to go completely fanboy in this comment or not but I guess I will decide against it and just put forth a simple opinion for now.

The song for one was really nice. I guess you were right when you called it as a folk type song but I really did enjoy it alot. It was not downright folk but it had a real happy swing to it. The best song I could probably compare it to would be river with a possible hint of birthday. It might be a really bad description but it's the first thing that came to mind. The song was so good I've been wondering whether I should add this to one of my future orders or not even though I dont like or have ever heard of some of the other bands.

The PV was just great. I really hope there is a good quality version of it flying around somewhere. I thought of that infiltrating runner as a Kishida fanboy or something. XD Besides that the rest of really fanboy type stuff and would probably be better left said in a different place.
The text towards the end of the PV on the bottom was about the new drummer. I believe his name was nyakki. After reading the description I beleive he was a previous quruli support drummer and he's making his debut as their official drummer(something like this) on the miyako compilation.

While skimming through the just now I noticed that the other runner whom masashi assaulted(the one who tries to join) was the guitarist for Limited Express(has gone?). I think it said something that he also helped with the compilation in some way.

Overall I am really happy about this new song. I can really support Quruli for writing this song and making the pv. Overall great as usual.
Well, that special section devoted to the compilation wouldn't be such a bad way of previewing some of the tracks, since quite a few of the videos they are streaming are for songs that were selected for Miyako Ongaku. Like the Rosa Luxemburg song is the same, as are the ones for Lucky Lips, Mama Studio, Kicell, and Limited Express (has gone?). So perhaps if you listen to a couple of those, you'll be able to determine whether or not you actually want to buy the CD eventually. Or. I can always just give you my overall opinion once my copy comes :D

And thank you for enlightening me on what some of the text at the bottom of the PV said.. I was wondering about it quite a bit, but found it completely useless to even devote much thought time to it as I knew I wouldn't be able to read anything anyhow :D

If they finally have another "official" drummer now, that is an incredibly good thing. With a name like "Nyakki" though, I imagine he cannot be the same drummer that played at all their Summer Concert outings, ne? That's kind of a shame.. I was getting used to seeing him as part of the band.

While I haven't seen evidence (yet) of a better quality version of this PV, I did manage to save it from the site, much like I swore I would do. Interested?
I'm assuming that the drummer was the one who was handing Masashi and Tasshin the towels towards the end(right about when the text came up). Unfortunately you can't see much of his face but I thought he looked a bit Japanese at least though that is in question because of a name like "nyakki" and the way it was written. Then again, Japanese don't always have to present their full names in bands or anything. There is certainly no law against that. Hmm...still. It may as well be the same drummer but perhaps I just didnt see so well.
If there is one thing to note though it's to not trust my translations 100%. I'd say I at least got the nyakki part correct.

I already saved the PV for myself, thanks :D Don't worry though, I will probably be needing to enlist in your help with this stuff once the trial of the program I'm using times out. i've been pretty attached to it's system for a long time and I think I've already forgotten how to use the one I actually have that isn't on trial.

Out of the artists on there I think I liked Kicel the most(there are like, 50 spellings for his name going around but I like this one). I havent heard all the samples but I do recall listening to another song of his somewhere and seeing a bit of him on Keikaku. Hmm...or was that Sugar Fields? Either way I know I watched his video and thought it was at least ok. I'd like to hear your opinions on it though as you get it.