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New Song

Quruli's Official Site has recently announced that a new song will be contributed to the compilation Miyako Ongaku:

Out 11/22
Tower Records || HMV || CD Japan || Amazon Japan

Track Listing:
1. Rosa Luxemburg - hashi no shita
3. Mama Studio - Tokyo Tower
4. Limited Express (has gone?) - ike nie no Jesus Child
5. Robo Pitcher - tatta 2 tsu no sae ta yarikata
6. Chains - akai onna
7. Kicell - hanare banare
8. Bad Stuff - bokura wa denki no genshi jin
9. Lucky Lips - wakatte kure nai
10. Okuda Masaya - soredake
11. fuchi ga mito funa to - boushi ni chuui!
12. Quruli - gogatsu no umi
13. Kaze Hakase - shabon dama toba nai
14. audio safari - after you drew the line
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So here is to me not translating things and just assuming what I see is indeed what I see. What happens is I miss stuff like this. I read this "Big News" and immediatley just thought it was a noise mcartney records revival.

Anyway, your romanization is completely correct. Also my dictionary here states Miyako as being "capital". Not sure what that means, but Ongaku music. Capital Music..?

Also...not Quruli news but have a look at this. Before you click I warn you: if you have NEVER gotten the melody of (It's Only) R'n'R Workshop in your head you will be attacked. The day after watching this I was literally humming this all day, and it drove me crazy. Still funny to watch though. :D I really liked how they tackled the "la, la, la~". I was asking myself how they would sing that part and when they did, I stamped them with approval of awesomeness. I only noticed now that for some reason "edamame" is an actual lyric(hence the video's title). Wierd