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クルバビロン : Quruli Community [entries|friends|calendar]
クルバビロン : Quruli Community

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TRIANGLE [July 16th, 2007]


Out 7/25, ¥1,500(limited edition w/ DVD), ¥1,260(normal edition)
Order: Limited Edition - TOWER || CDJAPAN || HMV || AMAZON JAPAN
Normal Edition - TOWER || CDJAPAN || HMV || AMAZON JAPAN

Track Listing:

1. kotoba ha sankaku kokoro ha shikaku (single ver.)
2. WIEN 5

It may be interesting to some that the first track is the theme song of the movie tennen kokekko, and the second is a duet done with Salyu.
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TANZ WALZER [May 29th, 2007]


Out 6/27

Limited Edition: Tower || CDJapan || HMV || Amazon

Regular Edition: Tower

Track Listing (for limited edition):
7. koibito no tokei
8. hamu tabetai
13. kotoba ha san kaku kokoro ha shikaku

Also, it is worth noting that they've opened the English version of their official site back up again, and also have an official MySpace page too. Perhaps both of these things are pointing to Quruli touring outside of Japan again? One can only hope!
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A PV for Jubilee [May 29th, 2007]

It has come to my attention that the PV for Jubilee, Quruli's latest single, is up on youtube. You can view it below.

The single is due to be released tomorrow(5/30). I hope all of you will be picking it up along with their next album.

As for the sound I can only say that I really like where the band is going with their music. They seem to be taking off well from their last album, Nikki.

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JUBILEE [May 1st, 2007]


Out 5/30
Tower || HMV || CDJapan || Amazon Japan

1. Jubilee gemischt von Dietz
2. hey! maimai!
3. Jubilee mixe´ par Alf
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Some sobering News [February 26th, 2007]

After being part of the band for five years, Tasshin Omura has made the decision to leave Quruli.

There is a notice about it at the official site(and if anyone would be willing to translate it, I'd be very much obliged), and they have already even changed their profile information to reflect this development as well, which comes across as all the more depressing to me(it truly drives the point home)

An absolute shame this is, and he will most certainly be missed.
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gogatsu no umi PV [November 17th, 2006]

Until the tenth of December, Space Shower Digital Archives has a special section devoted to the upcoming Miyako Ongaku compilation, and will be hosting videos from the various artists that appear on it, as well as the PV for Quruli's new song gogatsu no umi. Also, there are brief clips of Shigeru and Masashi giving commentary on each individual song that appears on said compilation too, so that should also be a point of interest.

To anyone that has actually seen the PV or plans on buying the compilation to hear the new song, care to offer up any impressions about it? As for my own(since I couldn't resist previewing it), I like what I am hearing a great deal. It pretty much follows the sound Quruli favored on some songs off Antenna and the bulk of Nikki, which is a decidedly more folksy. And the PV shot for it is quite amusing, as most Quruli PVs are.. I liked the roles each band member was given, with Masashi and Tasshin as marathon runners(I thought this was pretty clever, with both doing a great job of keeping the beat of the song with their running), and Kishida channeling a smoke stack/band conductor :D And the random additional runner that tries to join in at one point was great..
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New Song [October 2nd, 2006]

Quruli's Official Site has recently announced that a new song will be contributed to the compilation Miyako Ongaku:

Out 11/22
Tower Records || HMV || CD Japan || Amazon Japan

Track Listing:
1. Rosa Luxemburg - hashi no shita
3. Mama Studio - Tokyo Tower
4. Limited Express (has gone?) - ike nie no Jesus Child
5. Robo Pitcher - tatta 2 tsu no sae ta yarikata
6. Chains - akai onna
7. Kicell - hanare banare
8. Bad Stuff - bokura wa denki no genshi jin
9. Lucky Lips - wakatte kure nai
10. Okuda Masaya - soredake
11. fuchi ga mito funa to - boushi ni chuui!
12. Quruli - gogatsu no umi
13. Kaze Hakase - shabon dama toba nai
14. audio safari - after you drew the line
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Quruli Live Videos [October 1st, 2006]

As I was mentioning this to my friend seisyun_punk a couple of weeks ago, it completely slipped my mind that it would be worth mentioning here as well(duh for me) I think it is noteworthy enough to amend my mistake for though, however belatedly:

I usually start posts like this off with the standard "some of you may already know about this, but for those who don't", so yeah, in case you aren't already aware of it, MTV Japan is hosting live videos of some of the songs Quruli performed at this years Summer Sonic Festival. You'll find performances of Wandervogel, bara no hana, and Niji there, and as they are supposedly only available for viewing for a limited time, I highly suggest everyone check them out while you can :)
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New Member ; "New" Information [July 25th, 2006]

Hello. I am a new member to this community, but not so new to Quruli fandom in general. I will save you all the trouble of having to wade through some long, perhaps unnecessary introductory post simply by saying that I am sure it will be a pleasure meeting everyone. Well, providing this community acquires an air of activity once more. I'd be more than happy to help with that! :D
(but, while I won't indulge in long introductory type paragraphs, I will give in to the temptation of borrowing a bit from lolita_kopy_kat's first post, and engage in a rousing, trimmed down version of the always fun "My favorite is", Quruli style. So! My favorite Quruli album is definitely "The World is Mine", and favorite song would be "Harukaze", no contest)

I am sure you all know this already, but as it is something that strongly requires mentioning I will say that tomorrow is the day that Quruli's first ever Best-Of Compilation is finally set to be released. Although, CDJapan has had their copies in stock since Monday, a full two days before anyone else. How terribly unfair(only because I didn't think to order it from them, but rather went through Tower..)
Anyhow, after ten years together, I would say it is about time one of these was put together, wouldn't you?:

Limited Edition: Tower || CDJapan || Amazon Japan
Regular Edition: Tower || HMV || CDJapan || Amazon Japan

Track Listing(for the limited edition, which contains the extra third disc of rarities):

1. wandervogel
2. bara no hana
3. niji
4. world's end supernova
5. Thank you my girl
6. Baby I love you
7. Hello Goodbye
8. Harukaze (alternative)
9. Night Rider (Quruli ver.)
10. River
11. Highway
12. ameiro no heya
13. akai densha (ver. kanazawabunko)

Disc 2:
1. suichuu motor (jam remix)
2. Rock and Roll
3. Tokyo
4. aoi sora
5. Revolver
6. otokonoko to onnanoko
7. Birthday
8. Superstar
9. amagasaki no sakana
10. machi
11. Sunday Morning
12. iede musume (hatsu CD ka)
13. How to Go

Disc 3:
1. ikari no blues (antenna outtake)
2. Giant Fish (unpublished demo recording)
3. sakki onnanoko (Nikki outtake)
4. ningentsu (Team Rock outtake)

Speedstar/Victor Records has already established a special page to promote Tower of Music Lover as well, complete with sound samples and a nice little section called "Thanks to Music Lovers" filled with comments from/about various collaborators Quruli has worked with in the past, amoung other people.
(just as a bit of a warning though, I wouldn't click the above page if you don't want to be spoiled as to what the packaging will look like :D I myself didn't realize it would be so fancy, so I kind of regret not waiting until I actually had it in my hands to see it)

What does everyone think about the track selection for this best of? Personally, my only complaint is that "Go Back to China" wasn't included. Other than that, I am pretty much satisfied with their selections, and cannot wait to hear the alternate mixes and demo tracks/outtakes that comprise the third disc.
Shigeru Kishida mentioned that in another ten years, perhaps we will have "Tower of Music Lover2" to look forward to. We can only hope, right?

Also, it may interest you to know that Quruli is on the cover of the August issue of Rockin'on Japan, which was just released on July 20th. It goes perfectly along with the aforementioned Best Of, as it will be covering Quruli's history from Moshi Moshi all the way up to Nikki:

Tower || Amazon Japan || HMV
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Red Trai~n [November 11th, 2005]
[ mood | exanimate ]

This is totally half-assed[aka done in 10-15 minutes], but here ya go! :D

Akai DenshaCollapse )

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New Album! [November 10th, 2005]
[ mood | excited ]

Quruli has finally released information about their new album entitled NIKKI!

NIKKI // 11-23-2005

Pre-order from CDJapan:
Limited Edition || Regular Edition

Track ListingCollapse )

Sample parts of the album here.
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Releases, releases, releases! [October 1st, 2005]
[ mood | excited ]

Alright, Superstar has been released, along with another new single "Akai Densha" [Red Train], which is a very special release in association with Keikyu/Keihin Electric Express Railway. It comes with a passnet card. Check out this link for more information. But if you don't speak Japanese, here's a quick translation to get across the comment that Quruli wrote on the page:

"'Akai Densha' is warm and speedy. This is the kind of image we thought should be transmitted to everyone. Because all of the trains being made recently are argents*, it's hard to tell what kind of train children are getting on. And adults are chasing their work around everyday in the chill.

Keikyu wants customers to have a good first impression when visiting from other provinces. They want people to think of the railway as an aorta to Tokyo (and Yokohama too), a red fast comfortable train."

* argent - silver colored trains which would be hard for children to tell apart

This month Quruli will be releasing yet another new single entitled "Baby I Love You" and November will mark the release of a new album! :D It will be their first album since the departure of American drummer Christopher McGuire.

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For all you cheap-ass Quruli fans! [August 21st, 2005]
[ mood | cheerful ]

On September 22 Quruli will be re-releasing all of their major full-length albums as limited edition low-priced versions.*

These albums will be $17 as opposed to the approx. $30 you'd normally pay for a Quruli album, but will probably sell quickly. So make sure you order your copies soon! ; D

And don't forget to order their new single Superstar, to be released on the 24th!

*Note that this does not include the Joze to Tora to Sakana-tachi OST

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くるり [July 20th, 2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Yeah, I noticed there's no community all about Quruli. So here we are, because this band is so awesome.

My name is Kopy Kat, my favorite album is Zukan, although Antenna was really good too, and I can't pick a favorite song, so don't make me do it.


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