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A PV for Jubilee

It has come to my attention that the PV for Jubilee, Quruli's latest single, is up on youtube. You can view it below.

The single is due to be released tomorrow(5/30). I hope all of you will be picking it up along with their next album.

As for the sound I can only say that I really like where the band is going with their music. They seem to be taking off well from their last album, Nikki.

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Fantastic ♥ In a few more days I'll be able to both hear the new single and watch this new PV, so thanks for making at least one of those things more easily accomplished by having made this post :) (I'm pretty disappointed with the Space Shower Digital Archives though, for not even having a Special Quruli section to celebrate this release ;_; I thought for sure they would, and so would Kuchiroro for "GOLDEN WEEK", but neither of those things ended up happening ;_; ..maybe there just wasn't a PV made for "GOLDEN WEEK" or something. and maybe the Digital Archives are saving their Quruli love for closer to the release of Tanz Walzer.. yeah. ever the optimist, that's me :D)

I've been hearing mixed things about "Jubilee" already, but for it to get your seal of approval is quite encouraging. Impressions to come when I hear it myself? Maybe.
That's a shame. I haven't been checking up on the DAX(I've no idea why they abreviate it with the X at the end but it doesn't feel complete without it after seeing it so much) as much as before, though i did think there would have been something for kuchiroro and/or Quruli there. I really want to see a PV for Golden week because of how radiant and fun the Pocky commercial looked. I will be looking out for it though and if I ever find it I'll foward it immediately to you. I haven't found one for Jubilee yet and I'm hoping it will pop up soon on some website. Same actions apply, and I will be fowarding that right along to you(unless you have already found it).

I can't really say much of it at the moment or at least make a solid conclusion for Jubilee. The lone sentence up there was just after I went through the PV once. When I get the single only then will I be able to say if it was a definite hit or miss with me. I of course look foward to your opinions on it as well.
Yeah, same for me. I'd kind of convinced myself that no one online must have the PV for "Jubilee" or I would have seen it pop up on at least one of the file sharing sites I haunt, but since it was uploaded on YouTube that means someone must have it. So I'm incredibly hopeful that I'll find a better quality version of it somewhere too, and of course if I do I'll return the favor and share it with you as well.

Two more days T_T I think. Then I will have Jubilee..!(yes, I am practically counting down the hours. UPSMan, please come soon ;_;)
Well, I decided to take some of my opinions on "Jubilee" to the last.fm Quruli group simply because it is kind of nice to see a group that has more than two members (semi)actively posting. Not that I don't like this one too! Because you're still my favorite person to discuss Music _and_ Quruli related things with, so even if it is always just you commenting back on the things I post I'll be happy. I'll just go back and forth between posting there and here, or something.

So yeah, in an attempt to not repeat myself, I'll just talk about the PV instead. Which I liked a lot. It is bizarre in the way so many of Quruli's past PVs have been, and I am thinking that antlered/horned animal heads(? I have no idea what animal those are supposed to be) are this years Dragons. Don't you agree? :D

Also, new drummer Yuya is Hello!Adorable, and I amuses me greatly, how he seems to fit right in to the established Quruli Member Personality Aspect of being slightly pervy(displayed more in Kishida's case than anyone else's, I think?), in his case by making off with filched mannequin undergarments(seriously, what were his plans with that? ...or, more importantly, do I even want to know?).. ha ha!

And on an extremely shallow note, I am in complete agreement with the recurring sentiment that Kishida is long overdue for a haircut :D Seriously. ..oddly enough, that is exactly what my own hair looks like the day after it gets braided, so perhaps I have no room to talk, since it's, you know, a shared thing. I miss his old, better hair though. Sigh.
That is actually a good idea. I always had dreams of inventing the Quruli group there but someone ended up doing so already(and I figured I wouldnt make such a good leader), so I happily joined. There was semi-active posting last time I checked so I may check up on there as well.

When you made the reference to the dragon heads of Nikki the first thought that came to mind was the zodiac. Maybe it has some relation? Probably not though, but if that thing is indeed a horse they are indirectly dedicating that pv to me, since I remember that being my animal sign. I really don't care for the actual horoscope nonsense though. Huh. Moving along then...

I even think he himself wants to cut it with all those pictures of him messing with it in the recording diaries. I've always thought that your hair is long when you end up noticing it on your head. I'm hoping it does go back to how it was in...well, normal form. He looked a bit too thin in the PV's of Tokyo and other old songs so anything after that I am fine with. He'll have to cut it sometime though. Right?
Hmm, you might be on to something there! If I could correctly identify the animal heads they are sporting in the PV I am sure that would be all the more helpful, but. ..they once wore Rabbit ears as well(in that picture you printed out for me to fit into my proposed Quruli mug, do you remember?) And Rabbits are part of the zodiac too, aren't they? I think they are(the only zodiac I am really familiar is the one that involves the, umm, star signs like Virgo, Gemini, Leo, Cancer(mine!), etc. so anything else I'm practically completely clueless about). So yeah, perhaps it is an ongoing theme with Quruli, and we'll see dog masks making an appearance eventually or something :D

Kishida hasn't had too much success with the, um, "improvements" he's made to his appearance, has he? None of them seem overly well accepted when they happen, you know? I mean, he "outraged" many longtime fans and they practically accused him of compromising the integrity of the band! when he went without his glasses for a time(which he later explained was attributed to his glasses being "broken" and they "couldn't be worn" for that reason, but I don't know if I believe that :\ I just think he wanted a change and when it wasn't responded to enthusiastically he panicked. I mean, seriously. he went without glasses for, well, quite awhile. from the "Birthday" single(possibly sooner?) to at least around the time of promo shots for the "Baby I love you" single. you are telling me that in all that time he really couldn't have gotten the frames repaired so they could be worn again? or have fixed whatever the problem was, whether it be something with the frames or lenses themselves? not that I have personal experience with the repair of glasses or anything, but I know there are places around here that have like, a twenty-four hour turnaround time for repairs once they're dropped off :\ and Japan is far more advanced than we are, so perhaps out there it's instantaneous service. so several months of no glasses has to be a conscious choice, right? ...maybe) And not that his current hairstyle is meeting with that same level of disdain, but like I was saying before, there _have_ been multiple comments about him needing to cut it. If fans start coming to shows brandishing scissors, perhaps then he should start getting worried and seriously consider a change XD
..Yeah. I just noticed it now, but that sentence in the third paragraph is supposed to read "and it amuses me greatly", not "and I amuses me greatly". Even though "I" does amuse me greatly, when I fail to double check my sentences and it results in making atrocious mistakes in grammar like that.

For my own peace of mind I correct myself! It had to be done.