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New Member ; "New" Information

Hello. I am a new member to this community, but not so new to Quruli fandom in general. I will save you all the trouble of having to wade through some long, perhaps unnecessary introductory post simply by saying that I am sure it will be a pleasure meeting everyone. Well, providing this community acquires an air of activity once more. I'd be more than happy to help with that! :D
(but, while I won't indulge in long introductory type paragraphs, I will give in to the temptation of borrowing a bit from lolita_kopy_kat's first post, and engage in a rousing, trimmed down version of the always fun "My favorite is", Quruli style. So! My favorite Quruli album is definitely "The World is Mine", and favorite song would be "Harukaze", no contest)

I am sure you all know this already, but as it is something that strongly requires mentioning I will say that tomorrow is the day that Quruli's first ever Best-Of Compilation is finally set to be released. Although, CDJapan has had their copies in stock since Monday, a full two days before anyone else. How terribly unfair(only because I didn't think to order it from them, but rather went through Tower..)
Anyhow, after ten years together, I would say it is about time one of these was put together, wouldn't you?:

Limited Edition: Tower || CDJapan || Amazon Japan
Regular Edition: Tower || HMV || CDJapan || Amazon Japan

Track Listing(for the limited edition, which contains the extra third disc of rarities):

1. wandervogel
2. bara no hana
3. niji
4. world's end supernova
5. Thank you my girl
6. Baby I love you
7. Hello Goodbye
8. Harukaze (alternative)
9. Night Rider (Quruli ver.)
10. River
11. Highway
12. ameiro no heya
13. akai densha (ver. kanazawabunko)

Disc 2:
1. suichuu motor (jam remix)
2. Rock and Roll
3. Tokyo
4. aoi sora
5. Revolver
6. otokonoko to onnanoko
7. Birthday
8. Superstar
9. amagasaki no sakana
10. machi
11. Sunday Morning
12. iede musume (hatsu CD ka)
13. How to Go

Disc 3:
1. ikari no blues (antenna outtake)
2. Giant Fish (unpublished demo recording)
3. sakki onnanoko (Nikki outtake)
4. ningentsu (Team Rock outtake)

Speedstar/Victor Records has already established a special page to promote Tower of Music Lover as well, complete with sound samples and a nice little section called "Thanks to Music Lovers" filled with comments from/about various collaborators Quruli has worked with in the past, amoung other people.
(just as a bit of a warning though, I wouldn't click the above page if you don't want to be spoiled as to what the packaging will look like :D I myself didn't realize it would be so fancy, so I kind of regret not waiting until I actually had it in my hands to see it)

What does everyone think about the track selection for this best of? Personally, my only complaint is that "Go Back to China" wasn't included. Other than that, I am pretty much satisfied with their selections, and cannot wait to hear the alternate mixes and demo tracks/outtakes that comprise the third disc.
Shigeru Kishida mentioned that in another ten years, perhaps we will have "Tower of Music Lover2" to look forward to. We can only hope, right?

Also, it may interest you to know that Quruli is on the cover of the August issue of Rockin'on Japan, which was just released on July 20th. It goes perfectly along with the aforementioned Best Of, as it will be covering Quruli's history from Moshi Moshi all the way up to Nikki:

Tower || Amazon Japan || HMV
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