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New Album!

Quruli has finally released information about their new album entitled NIKKI!

NIKKI // 11-23-2005

Pre-order from CDJapan:
Limited Edition || Regular Edition

Track Listing

1. Bus To Finsbury
2. Baby I Love You
3. Superstar(Album Edit)
4. Ame Agari [After the Rain]
5. Tonight Is The Night
6. Birthday
7. Omatsuri Wasshoi [Festival Wasshoi*]
8. Fuyu no Bourei [Ghost of Winter]
9. Akai Densha [Red Train]
10. Long Tall Sally
11. Nijiiro no Tenshi [Rainbow-Colored Angel]
12. Ring Ring Ring!
13. (It's Only)R'n R Workshop!

* - Wasshoi is a shout done at festivals in Japan.

Sample parts of the album here.
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